Over the past decades Progressive Structures International has developed a technological driven approach to manufacture, control, and improve quality of its manufactured products and ultimately the finished structure. Through technology and broad strategies PSI intends to lead the industry to design and develop cost-effective and energy efficient buildings.

The terrible natural disasters which have occurred in our hemisphere over the past years have created enormous human and economic tragedies. Unfortunately, scientific projections indicate that we can expect the frequency and magnitude of these events to gradually increase over time. Substantial future investment in the locations subject to these natural and recurring disastrous events will only occur if there is ample evidence that the construction methods used are adequate to successfully resist the natural disasters of 2020 or possibly those of even greater magnitude to occur in 2021 and beyond. The increasing volume and severity of mother nature’s disasters, due to global warming, inflicted upon the residential and light construction industry, cannot be prevented. Their effects can be greatly mitigated by engineering and the proper selection of materials and processes. A technology driven solution.

If a viable and prosperous economy is expected to rise from the wreckage of the past, it must carry the assurance that future events such as occurred in the past years can never create the destruction to the man-made environment which has been so recently demonstrated. Of course infrastructures must be hardened and other generalized and common sense procedures adopted.

A method for construction which is inherently very robust and capable of resisting these natural destructive forces must be the foundation for any reconstruction. When low cost, guaranteed quality, speed of construction, simplicity of implementation and very long term resistance to corrosion, rot and decay are key requirements, such systems are difficult to find.

IN FACT, SUCH A METHOD DOES NOT CURRENTLY EXIST.  But the materials, systems and technology do exist with which to create such a comprehensive system – and PSI has done so. The PSI Integrated Manufacturing & Construction System” is the result and can insure that permanent housing / structures will be far better than all of the preceding construction systems when all aspects are considered. It also delivers other significant benefits. Very high thermal and acoustic insulation, equally cost effective from small social (workforce, affordable, veteran etc) housing to low & mid rise apartments, luxury resorts, mansions, hospitals, office and government buildings and best of all it can be manufactured and built using unskilled local workers with the assurance that the designed strength and quality is not affected by workmanship or job site variables.

PSI will develop and utilize comprehensive integrated construction management systems factoring for marketing results, sales and sale potentials, purchasing, labor force management, production levels, multi-stream, feed back loop quality control, decision making capacity, probability analysis, equipment control and management, customer relation management, warranty management, management oversight, remote and others.