PSI’s Team Experience

Progressive Structures International is well poised to bring a new and better solution to the continuing problem of providing good, safe, durable housing at a reasonable cost to those who most need shelter. This is a lofty goal that has proven difficult to achieve over time.

The team that put PSI together draws on many fields of expertise. Taken as the sum total, management of the company covers all of the necessary prerequisites that will ensure the capable, profitable, proper operation of the enterprise. 

The core concept – rather unique – is to shift away from the traditional methods of constructing building. Instead of multiple entities, subcontractors, suppliers, craftsmen, et al, PSI combines those many functions into a well organized, efficiently run single entity.  That, combined with the use of the best materials and designs will offer great products at very reasonable prices.

Progressive Structures International has the right people who are expert in:

  • Manufacturing and the operation of an industrial plant,
  • Construction and the building of low rise structures,
  • Marketing and sales of the finished products,
  • Management of complex projects, Development of new projects and products