Progressive Structures International counts with the expert support of several professional engineering firms.

PSI’s Strategic Partners

BBM Structural Engineers Structural Engineers is a licensed prestigious engineering firm which is registered in 45 of the 50 states, including the territories of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. With over 100 years of combined experience, they have carried out projects in almost every conceivable type throughout the United States and the Caribbean. BBM has designed sophisticated structural systems for all use, from commercial, industrial, institutional, educational, medical, public and private facilities as well as residential and multifamily properties. All BBM engineers are certified, and three of them, besides being professional engineers, also have a special license that is required by the states located in seismic regions. PSI has chosen BBM Structural Engineers as they are experts in engineering with ICF construction system combined with steel micro fibers.

Miles C. Anderson Consulting Engineers, Inc.MCA is a licensed Professional Engineering firm specializing in the fields of civil and structural design including; design & master planning of residential subdivisions, commercial developments, aviation related work within airports, community developments, and golf courses. MCA deals with the process implementation phase for project permitting to state, city/county and governmental agencies. MCA also provides threshold inspections, professional certification, and acts as a liaison between the developer and municipal governmental agencies. PSI has chosen Miles C. Anderson Consulting Engineers, Inc. as they are experts in engineering with ICF construction system since 1983.

Tillit Testing & Engineering Company – TILTECO, Inc. is a Structural Engineering firm specializing in design for hurricane resistance and blast resistance of buildings and their components. TILTECO has been serving clients throughout the state of Florida for over 27 years, having in their record more than 300 approvals obtained for their customers. TILTECO also provides Structural Design of Flood Shields in accordance with ASCE and FEMA Standards. TILTECO has dealt with all of the permit and approval agencies and perfectly understand what is needed and required to obtain a product approval. TILTECO will assist PSI to obtain product approvals for several of our products, commencing from expert analysis and specifying the exact required testing to assure Code Compliance up to the final preparation of Approval Drawings & Structural Calculations that are required by the Code for this type of Approval submittals.