Several of PSI’s founding members are Veterans. PSI understands that underemployment is one of the greatest issues faced by returning veterans. A recent study by LinkedIn found that Veterans are 37 percent more likely to be underemployed than nonveterans. Many veterans also lack strong networks outside their own community to help them navigate the work force.

In addition to PSI providing Dignified Housing solutions to Veterans PSI also intends to develop a program to use veterans with military-based physical disabilities wherever possible in plant, office and field opportunities. PSI’s aims to hire 10 percent of its staff from the veteran pool.

PSI will provide Veterans with an opportunity to convert those skills gained during their time in service to the private sector.

While underemployment was relatively similar among veterans and nonveterans in 2010,6 the gap has dramatically increased over the last nine years. The greatest gap occurred in 2017, when veterans were 38% more likely to be underemployed.

Takeaway: underemployment disproportionately affects veterans.