The “PSI Integrated Manufacturing & Construction System” Solution

Housing deficits are growing at an exponential rate, with no indication that there is a solution in the foreseeable future.

PSI offers a solution: one which provides unusually high quality at current or lower costs and which can be implemented quickly and in large volumes. The PSI Integrated Manufacturing & Construction System”, a program that can eventually benefit millions of citizens.

Progressive Structures International is NOT a traditional contractor. PSI begins with the purchase of raw materials: large rolls of steel, Portland cement, EPS bead, etc., and then shapes, molds and manufacturers, in its own factory, all of the major components that are needed for a PSI structure. Next, PSI workers erect the homes and buildings on the development sites in rapid order. Finally, PSI hands over the keys to the new owner, keys to a high quality, low priced, long lasting home.

PSI housing units are built using ICFs – “Insulated Concrete Forms” that are made from high density expanded polystyrene filled with steel reinforced concrete called PolyBloc™. This process was introduced back in 1951 by the Chemical Giant BASF® to help rebuild Germany. These forms, once erected at the job site, are then filled with the special PSI mix of concrete, known as MooreCrete™and specialty micro-rebar steel reinforcing. These steel reinforcing strands provide a very strong and highly earthquake resistant structure. A huge advantage in a PSI house / structure is the thermal and acoustic efficiencies that are achieved. A standing seam roof is utilized, which is made out of durable, highly corrosion resistant Galvalume® steel called PSI-Ageless Roof™, also utilizing PSI’s truss system called PsiTruss. There is no wood or other organic materials used in the PSI structure. PSI structures are GREEN.

The combination of these systems provide a superior structure that is known to be one of the most expensive construction system currently employed in the U.S.: however, PSI efficiently integrates a process which can produce these structures at a very competitive price, given that its structure is of superior quality. As with the famous toy Legos®, PSI can build almost any type of structure. The core business will be low-cost, high volume “Workforce, Affordable, Veteran, Elderly and Student Housing”. This core business allows us to branch into other types of structures such as office buildings, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, middle class, and hi-end homes, and many other structures. PSI will then use the same methods and materials, along with upscale finishes, to deliver much higher standards of structural integrity and lifespan.