Concrete is the major structural component, which is manufactured at each individual job site by our own mini batch plants. PSI employs a specification grade procedure to produce a unique, chemically modified and steel reinforced (using both standard and micro re-bar) concrete known as MOORECRETEwhich is actually flexible and has higher specifications for compressive and tensile strength then are in general use, at costs far lower then if purchased from local sources. It can now be used in many ways and in applications requiring tensile and flexural strength never before possible. The US Department of Defense has found several important areas for this virtually NEW form of concrete. So has PSI. Our process virtually eliminates the risk of steel reinforcement corrosion, which can be a major problem, especially in areas near saltwater. We manufacture our own steel forms, which are never removed, so the concrete achieves a much greater strength and the forms themselves provide structural and architectural benefits.

Forms for the concrete, whether steel or foam plastic, are quickly assembled at the job-site and pumped full of chemically enhanced concrete reinforced throughout by tiny, high carbon, electroplated (zinc) steel micro-rebars. These forms are never removed but remain in place to provide additional structural value (in the case of steel forms) and a very high thermal and acoustic insulation (in the case of the foam plastic forms). Delivering enormous energy savings through longer lasting and more effective thermal and acoustic insulation. PolyBloc™ ICFs is a system, not a building material, and concrete is its most important component. For this reason, wherever PolyBloc™ is used, four additives should be incorporated into the concrete if maximum strength is needed. Each plays a vital role to insure that the completed structure – be it a retaining wall, cistern, swimming pool wall, building wall or floor system – meets or exceeds the engineering standards established by the design. MOORECRETE is a special recipe of PSI.

The PSI Integrated Manufacturing & Construction System” not utilizes ICF units (PolyBloc) but also specialized steel structural shapes. Each structural configuration will be engineered independently as all of the structural elements will be designed and manufactured to work together as an integrated unit based on required loads, both structural and seismic. This type of system is in use throughout the United States and meets the building code requirements of all of the various states.