Even prior to the pandemic, even when unemployment was at record lows, there were still a number of people without jobs. This was often due to a lack of skills. In other cases, it was due to the difficulty of the work. The upheaval of the job market in 2020 and closure of numerous areas of employment means a lot of people are looking for work. The job skills required by the PSI Integrated Manufacturing & Construction System” allow a wide range of individuals to achieve gainful employment.  Dividing the process into simple steps and using a small team for each step means the required skill set can be easily and quickly taught to a newcomer.

Conventional construction systems typically require heavy manual labor. A person needs strength and stamina to build a concrete block wall. The PSI Integrated Manufacturing & Construction System” uses forms made of lightweight expanded polystyrene, about 4 pounds apiece. The entire construction process is designed to accommodate most people;  young and older, male and female. As a demonstration, PSI plans to build a complete house using a small group of teenagers for the entire workforce (under strict supervision!). Then, a second house built by retirees.

PSI will employ a method of in-house training to develop management, supervisors, foreman and technical staff for both the plant and field who will work as assistants to those already in these positions for at least 6 to 8 months during the construction of other plants. Thus, PSI will establish a worker pipeline to provide manpower for PSI’s future expansion plan.

The initial team of workers on a housing development site is expected to be around 65 people.  PSI intends to have many development sites and grow at an appropriate pace with the assurance that established standards are maintained.