PSI’s History

Progressive Structures International – This corporation was initially founded by Franklin Moore, Jr. in Lebanon, Ohio, USA as Progressive Structures Inc. in 1979. When the first non U.S. contract was received from the Government of Angola – in the year 2005, the company was reformed as Progressive Structures International, a LLC (Limited Liability Company) entity domiciled in Carson City Nevada, USA. In 2010 for administrative reasons its corporate domicile was moved to the State of Wyoming and then also incorporated in the State of Florida where it now operates and is in good standing.

The “PSI Integrated Manufacturing & Construction System” was a product of Frank Moore’s lengthy experience both as a manufacturer and builder. As a serial entrepreneur, he has started a number of successful businesses and he recognized the inefficient disconnects in the construction industry between manufacturers, suppliers and builders, and the current building materials offered which the sum of do not provide a truly Dignified structure.

The PSI System incorporates a well coordinated building process from raw materials and components thru to the finished building that will transform normal construction methods.