Equal Employment

Even PSI approaches the building of homes and other light commercial and industrial buildings in a new and very unique way.  Consequently, other than electrical and plumbing, most of the current skills required for light construction are not needed. There will be two categories of employment, Plant Manufacturing and Field Assembly.   The field assembly workforce should be viewed as the Final Assembly stage in the assembly line production of houses and other similar buildings.

One of the many problems currently plaguing the home-building and other light construction areas is the serious shortage of a skilled workforce.  This has resulted in constantly increasing costs and the inability to increase volume production to keep up with demand, which in itself pushes consumer pricing ever higher.

Fortunately, the PSI Integrated Manufacturing & Construction System is very straightforward and requires minimal physical labor and skill, which significantly improves the productivity of each worker and therefore offers increased earning opportunity.   Men and women of all ages and ethnicity will have an entirely new industry which will need a constantly increasing number of workers.  Because of the size and constantly growing need for PSI homes, the opportunity for advancement within the organization will be great. 

PSI intends to create a Training and Indoctrination curriculum which it will offer to high schools in areas into which it intends to expand for the use of senior students not planning to continue their education in collage.  Successful completion of this elective course would grant students hiring seniority prior to the opening of a new plant.  Greater seniority will also be made available to veterans with honorable discharge, minorities, handicapped and special needs individuals.  Primary manufacturing facilities will each have a technical and management education building which will employ the adjacent plant and field operations as “on the job” final training to support additional plants.

PSI senior management are both veterans with many decades of experience employing “fair employment practices” in both manufacturing and field construction.