PSI Embraces Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

PSI encourages and welcomes workforce diversity & workplace inclusion. PSI believes that diversity & inclusion creates a positive, progressive, and creative working environment. PSI understands that possessing of knowledge is not the privilege of any one group/race/gender/individual.

PSI understands that demographic diversity provides greater diversity of thought which ultimately offers opportunity for greater creativity, innovation, financial performance, organizational adaptability, better problem solving and information processing, employee retention and enhanced profit and corporate image.

PSI will engage in efforts to involve all of its employees in the company’s goals and objectives with respect to their individual talents. PSI truly believes that inclusive behaviors, participation, and contributions from all employees are part of the daily life of a healthy organization.

PSI will strive to be a driver of inclusion so that all PSI workforce feel their voice matters because they do!

A Deloitte report found that inclusive environments have been shown to influence employees willingness to go beyond their job related roles to engage in citizenship behaviors.

Just as PSI developed an integrated manufacturing & construction system to improve the way we currently build, PSI also believes that diversity plus inclusion can integrate to overcome differences. Inclusive work climates have been linked to employee outcomes of well-being, job satisfaction, creativity, and organizational commitment.

Other outcomes of inclusion include high quality work relations, job satisfaction, intention to stay, job performance, creativity and enhanced career opportunities.