Always Progressing, “Above & Beyond the Standards”.

PSI’s System is Disruptive & Transformative

The “PSI Integrated Manufacturing & Construction System” is Disruptive and brings Transformative change to the entire construction industry, with no economic penalty, the preservation of private industry and numerous additional quality features, at no additional cost. This is achieved by adopting the methods employed to manufacture almost everything we enjoy today EXCEPT HOUSING AND LIGHT CONSTRUCTION.

Currently, to build a small home or building, a contractor purchases his materials from numerous suppliers, who acquire and consolidate them from many manufacturers. Then a reasonably skilled crew of tradesmen fit all these parts together. This process is expensive, wasteful, time-consuming and depends on the skill and integrity of workers to maintain quality.

Pre-fabricated building producers have attempted to improve this process but their product does not solve major problems or add any additional quality features.

The key to achieving the benefits of the “PSI Integrated Manufacturing & Construction System” is the integration of the manufacturing and assembly of all the steel and concrete building components, coupled with new and innovative field assembly and construction methods. This virtually eliminates waste, very significantly speeds field work and permits the use of unskilled workers – both male and female, young or old, which we will easily and quickly train. The structures are fireproof, waterproof and will last for generations with very low maintenance and virtually no deterioration.

The PSI plant/facility produces all of the shell components of a home or small building. Steel is purchased in large coils directly from mills and formed into unique structural profiles engineered and shaped to fit the need. All of the structural steel roof assemblies, interior framing and standing seam roof panels etc., are formed from mill rolls of high tensile, thin gauge steel sheet which may be galvanized, galvalume and/or color coated as specified. All steel products are produced from large coils, to the exact size, shape and with pre-located attachment systems so that there is no extra site work required to fit or assemble and there is no scrap. All aspects of the manufacturing and field assembly are integrated through a master computer communicating with each production unit in the plant or in the field.