About PSI

About PSI


Progressive Structures International – PSI; is an innovative, technological, manufacturing and construction company located in the state of Florida & state of Wyoming, USA.  PSI was initially founded in Lebanon, Ohio, USA as Progressive Structures Inc. in 1979 by US Air Force Veteran Franklin Moore, Jr., who has many decades of experience in manufacturing and construction; and it was he who created, developed, and implemented the PSI Integrated Manufacturing & Construction System”. This method is an excellent way to provide a very flexible building system that can meet a wide variety of designs with excellent efficiency in managing time and costs, as well as maintaining high quality standards and simplicity in construction.

PSI’s mission is to develop and implement the PSI Integrated Manufacturing & Construction System” in home construction as a way to minimize the housing deficit in the USA. That deficit surpasses 3.3+ million homes (Source: US Department of Housing and Urban Development). PSI can produce good housing efficiently and rapidly. PSI is in a position to provide dignified solutions to the states affected by devastating hurricanes, deadly earthquakes, floods such as those in recent years which caused catastrophic damages.

All of the construction systems currently used to produce low cost housing fail to concurrently meet three of the most necessary requirements: (1) high volume, (2) good quality, and (3) at a cost low enough to meet realistic budgets.

The PSI manufacturing and erection system uses well proven technologies. What is unique is the creation of an “Vertically Integrated Manufacturing Plant” using proven production methods to provide all of the major components from basic raw materials, expanded polystyrene, concrete and steel in configurations which allows unskilled workers to both manufacture and assemble homes. This work is done at a greater rate, lower cost, and of much superior quality than is possible when using traditional construction methods utilized throughout the U.S.. There will be hundreds of new jobs created for low-skilled local citizens both in the plant and on the building sites. Most jobs require minimal training; it’s the ‘trickle up’ approach. The products that make up the PSI Integrated Manufacturing & Construction System” will all be manufactured 100% Made in the USA”.

The PSI team has the depth and experience in the necessary areas of management and construction that will ensure success. Our team of professionals are each experts in their specific area and the main founders of PSI have a track record in the management and implementation of several large multi-million dollar projects.